Saturday, October 16, 2010

 say hello to pickled eggs!

actually we all have to wait 3 weeks to say hello to pickled eggs. in the meantime say hello to hard boiled eggs in a bitter broth, hahahahahaha!
is it just me or is there something Halloweeny about pickled eggs???

i'm so excited about pickled eggs!!!! 

did i mention that if they're good they will be our new bar food?
i'm off to go pickle more things!


Friday, October 15, 2010



say hello to pistachio ginger custard ice cream.


i managed to save some to sell this weekend at the o + a.
oh man this stuff is good! homemade is so much freakin better than anything else.
we wanted to do root beer floats with homemade ice cream, but it would almost be a shame to tamper with it's flavor. we have some really great sea dog root beer for anyone leaning that way though.

this batch is very very not vegan, but i'll be working on a vegan version for the next round. any suggestions?

leftover scramble

tuesday night we made vegetarian sausage sliders for our bands- made with marinated sundried tomatoes, feta and italian bread spread with thyme, oregano, and fresh garlic olive oil. i baked it for just a few minutes in the oven to crisp the edges of the bread.
 i should really have a picture of the sliders, but instead i've posted our sloppy hangover breakfast...
greg made us a scramble with leftover "sausage", local radishes , eggs, and kale.
so good! these radishes were soo spicy and cooking them just a little took the edge off but retained there pepperiness.

The sliders were such a hit, we're probably going to put them on our menu. I've been longing to make a certain biscuit recipe again, which I think would make it a perfect balance.


Friday, October 8, 2010

ice cream

I thought "we can't dive into ice cream making in the Fall!  It's...cold and people don't expect it and we've never done it before, and there's so much else we need to do!!!". But to go along with new habits, we're gonna do it anyway!!!

Does anybody want to see NY style egg creams?

I do believe Fall has the best flavors known to all seasons...maple, pumpkin, cinnamon, apple cider

In that pictures Greg's eating green tea, taro, and ginger ice cream at a place in NYC called Sundaes and Cones. I haven't had enough of the flavor of Taro in my life, actually taro (a root vegatable- perfect for Fall) and ginger sounds great!