Monday, November 15, 2010

a lovely couple

Homemade bloody Marys!!!

If you like a spicy bloody mary, this will make you very happy. Gives a delightful burn going down! Lots of horseradish and secret spices. This will be a mainstay for awhile (at least so we can deplete it slowly ourselves). Instant mood lifter and congestion degester!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i know some people hate this stuff, but it's like moxie, or say...sake! You have to take time, get acquainted in order to understand the magic!
So my mixture's been sitting in a pot for over a week and only little bubbles formed. I thought "it was dead, I peeked too many times, should i drink it anyway? probably not.."
But today! I smelled a smell and 'lo! a circle of cloudy bubblish things were forming! I'm excited.
It actually sits covered in a cloth next to me at the table like a friend.
So if this all works out we may be making homemade kombucha at The O+A
say hello to my little friend