Monday, July 26, 2010


It's not official but the ideas are still flowing!

We will open our doors to a brand new community in late September, early October.
Just in time for our favorite season of all!

So here's our story..

We being charmed by the world of Gil and Coco Corral fell in quick love with them, their little girl, their home and music venue/listening room, which was only an extension of their home so full of warmth- Hogfarm Studios Annex...

When we heard that they were going to close the doors of that adopted home, Greg and I looked at each other and didn't have to say very much. Our dream: to open a cafe/venue/community art space in a town that needs it.

We spent some time freaking out, writing endless emails to Gil and Coco, deciding to do it, deciding that would be totally crazy. Very suddenly, in all this confusion and the perpetual heat wave NYC has been going through I lost my vision in one eye. It was disorienting and was gradual like a curtain being drawn lower every day, plus it hurt!

I won't get too much into that whole thing, but with my mom having MS and optic neuritis as we found out it was being an initial symptom of the disease. Well, it just sucked. I went through the steps, to figure it all out, and when my MRI results came back negative everyone was shocked! We were planning for it, and I was prepared for the news. I saw this as such a second chance for me. Or a kick in the pants! Just what I needed. Clean air, water, and most importantly being in a place I love (Maine!). I decided immediately that we should just jump in!
I was on my break at work when we found out, and sent Greg home to tell Gil and Coco that we're in!

So here we are.
Still in New York, but gearing up and excited/scared as hell!

I hope you'll all get excited with us (no need to be scared)!
My vision hasn't totally come back yet, but I am legal to drive in NY once again!
So much more to say, more info soon and often!

We are Kristin & Greg
and this beautiful re-adopted space will be futurely known as
The Oak + The Ax

love \ kristin

Gil and Coco have taken their name (Hogfarm Studios/HFS Annex) and gone back to the barn
with it, where it was born. Keep tabs on their upcoming shows!!!