Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's been awhile

, quite awhile since I've posted on here. But there has been much experimentation going on in my kitchen.
Someone very wise once told me that baking is science, and you can't just toss a recipe together willy nilly. If they were so wise, would they have said willy nilly? Wouldn't they have used a better word? But if they hadn't, maybe I would have trusted them. Yes, baking is science. It employs all the laws of science so that something rises, or a certain texture is achieved blah d blah. Nobody ever told me how much fun it is to play with those laws! If you add something, you need to consider it's role in the recipe. Each ingredient plays one, and sometimes it is just the role of flavor. But it makes me sad to think that people are out there...afraid to try out their weirdo ideas (I guess that's true for everything though). I've been writing down flavors on a piece of paper on the wall in my kitchen. The last one was honey and black pepper. 

We have a regular (wink), who is vegan, and also can't eat anything with soy in it. I love challenges like this. It's how I came up with my cocoa-mocha cookie recipe, to which I add whatever I like to help in replacing the egg. I've used pumpkin, banana, fig pureed with maple syrup and almond milk, and one made with jam made by my dad, mulberry beach plum. For the "warmer" weather I'm doing Strawberry Cocoa-Mocha, and the dark chocolate moonpie version has fled. 

My camera phone tends to make things look haunted...but these are the fig cocoa-mocha moonpies. If you cut a fig lengthwise you will get a heart shape. Sometimes the fig is too smushed, but just manipulate it a bit to get the right shape.

more to come..I just made vanilla blackberry ginger ice cream lastnight ;)! 


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