Sunday, February 27, 2011

I can't believe it's not, not vegan!

One recipe I've been formulating in the Winter months is Mocha Pumpkin Fudge Cookies. It needs no eggs and it needs no milk. It's far tastier with pumpkin and almond milk! They are almost brownie like, really fudgy, with a bite of 72% dark chocolate chunks, and espresso adds an almost earthy background. Spring's a comin' (maybe), and so I tried a Springy version of these cookies, using bananas instead of pumpkin. Even better!!!
 new Banana Mocha Fudge Cookies
third transformation,

Ok ok...then! I made a vegan frosting and sandwichitized them!! The "frosting" is more like a pudding and made with almond milk, less sugar than a traditional frosting, and lots of cocoa powder, it comes out decadent like a pudding, smooth with no bite of sugary grit.

I put the cookies in the freezer so they can set. They make incredible "flying saucers" too, oh man. But as they defrost they get even more fudgy...
don't worry, I ate that one!
These might just be a staple menu item for awhile, so come and git 'em! Rosewater or maybe strawberry for Summer!

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